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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Stop Drop Shop?
    Stop Drop Shop is a third party delivery service that allows customers to shop for merchandise on demand and provide same day returns if needed. Stop Drop Shop's foundation is to support families, businesses and different individual lifestyles in your unique communities. Check out more on the "About" tab.
  • How does Stop Drop Shop work?
    Great question! Once you sign into our app or website, Stop Drop Shop will need to access your location and share the select locations we service near you. You will have up to 3 stores to choose from while you shop and will have the option to recieve your purchase in 2-5 hours or 6-12 hours. These options will be provided on your request form provided on the right hand side of the HOME menu. Once we receive your request we will ensure your product(s) are available and within an hour or less we will confim product availability and proceed with what is determined. You will receive a confirmation via text, call, or email upon approval of product availability. You will receive and invoice to confim your purchase for delivery! Once you receive your delivery, you have 5-10mins to try on your product(s), any product(s) you do not want will require you to provide a copy of your recipet to the driver and you are ALL SET! If you want to keep your clothes and return them a different day or time, feel free to keep the clothes and your recipet!
  • Should I subscribe to the service?
    Stop Drop Shop understands that all shoppers have different shopping values and this is acknowledged though our four subscription offers. Feel free to check out the benefits of each one subscription and figure out what best suits your shopping needs. Check below the subscription benefits under the name and monthly cost. Choose wisely!
  • Can I make an order today?
    Summer 2020 Stop Drop Shop will have more information as to how we can serve you BEST. Feel free to contact to inquire about retailers near you or a job application for the near future. Subscribe for updates every step of the way with Stop Drop Shop. Type in your email on the "Home" page!
  • How do I get Stop Drop Shop to sell my brand?
    Great question! We are currently located in the Boston, MA area and service as far west as Framingham and as far south in Brockton. Currently we accepting inquire forms, that can be found by clicking here Once you have submitte, please allow our team 3-5 business days to get back to you about your brand an how we can incorporate you in the community. During the time of the pandemic, we ask that all who are interested to be patient. Thank you agian for your interest! If you have any questions reach out to

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