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Born and established in Boston, Stop Drop Shop is here to make an impact in your communities and enhance your shopping experience.  Stop Drop Shop is an online based platform that provides a same day online shopping experience, with same day returns, so you don't have to leave your home. 

Stop Drop Shop's goal is to allow customers convenience, with perks of no lines and same day returns. No more "making time" to get to your favorite store. No more waiting 24hrs or more for your online purchases. No more "making time" to return something that doesn't fit the right way or you just don't like anymore.

Stop Drop Shop aims to help everyone involved! Corporate, small businesses and Social Services alike can partner with our service and take advantage of providing their customers/clients more convenience and further promote safety and health in their respective communities.

Whether you're looking to become a shopper and shop today, have interest in partnering with our services, selling your products, or JOIN THE TEAM, we are here to make an impact TODAY!

***Please Advise: Although Stop Drop Shop aims to provide same day delivery to all interested customers, we still provide drop shipping options for customers who really see a products they desire!

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